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2017 Standard Charter Packages

2 1/2 Sunset Cruise

Seeing the sunset from the water is like nothing you have ever seen! Enjoy a leisurely

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Retreat/Business Cruise 3 1/2 hrs

Get your sales team together to strategize on your business, Get your client’s undivided attention.

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Half day Charter on Lake St Clair

Enjoy a half day out on the lake with you and 5 friends. Explore…

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Full day charter on Lake St Clair

A complete day out on the water. Spend some time in Muscamoot or ….

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2017 Special Events

Jobbie Nooner

Strike this party off your bucket list! This year Jobbie Nooner is

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Raft Off 2017 in Muscamoot Bay

In the second ultimate party of the boating trilogy on Lake St Clair ….

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Jobbie Nooner 2

The ultimate way to end the year! Finish in style at Jobbie Nooner 2 on Gull Island!

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